Spirit Of Shaolin Midsomer Norton Kung Fu Academy

Spirit Of Shaolin Kung fu Academy practices two of China’s most dynamic, explosive and practical styles of Kung Fu, Choy Lay Fut & Wing Chun. Covering the Midsomer Norton & Bath area we promote a fun and supportive environment making us an open and inclusive, adapting for people of all ages and abilities.

Choy Lay Fut is China’s most popular and a very destructive long-fist style, renound for it’s practical capabilities.

Wing Chun is a fast explosive close quarters fighting system which was used and further developed by the Triads in narrow and alleys and back streets of Hong Kong, making it another exceptional self defence system.

Both systems have deep roots in Shaolin and work well in harmony with each other.

We strongly promote the benefit of tradition values whilst keeping up to date with modern teaching and motivational methods.

The first lesson is FREE so come and give it a go!

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