Spirit Of Shaolin Academy practices two of China’s most popular, explosive, & devastating styles of Kung Fu.

  • Choy Lay Fut:  One of China’s most destructive long-fist style, renowned for it’s speed power and its no nonsense practical fighting capabilities; as well some elegant, powerful hand & weapons forms.
  • Wing Chun:  Made famous by Bruce Lee.  Its a fast explosive close quarters fighting system which was used & further developed by the Triads in the narrow alleys & back streets of Hong Kong, making it another exceptional Self Defence system.

Both systems have traditional wooden dummy forms to aid lone practice improving, footwork, speed, precision & timing.

There is also a strong emphasis on practical, controlled, respectful, partnered work, to make fighting techniques more instinctive & second nature.  Both systems have deep roots in Shaolin and work well in harmony with each other.

To add balance, further development to ourselves & our training we also practice traditional Tai Chi.

Covering the Midsomer Norton & Bath area we promote a fun and supportive environment making us an open & inclusive Academy, adapting for people of all ages & abilities.

We promote the benefit of strong traditional values whilst embracing modern practical teaching methods, using applied, positive, & motivational learning philosophies.

The first lesson is FREE so contact us to book your first lesson and come give it a go!

Wing Chun

Choy Lay Fut


“Keith and I have been friends for many years. Although we train different martial arts, we often practice together, exchanging ideas and I have learnt a lot from him. Many martial arts today have been dumbed down to make then into sports; or worse still, simplified to teach to large groups (££’s). However, Keith is the real deal teaching proper traditional Kung Fu. His ability to apply martial arts in a realistic, workable way for real world self defence is second to none and he is probably the most knowledgeable martial arts teacher in the area. Furthermore, he teaches in a friendly, relaxed, ego-free manner which soon puts people at their ease. I don’t hesitate to recommend him to anybody wanting to learn authentic martial arts”.

Charlie Wildish, 5th Dan